Lucias Kitchen 2

"Ready for a spring break ?

Hi. I am Lucia. Entertaining is such fun! Collecting is also fun. Bertil, Torv and I traveled through the Tidendal Woods to the beautiful heart-shaped pond and met many new friends who served us delicious meals. On our journey I collected recipes and wrote them on bark 'sliplets.' We use these recipes for our food service at Punzel's Cottage."


Please see "Lucia's Sliplets" below.

Lucia 1

Spring is in the air and the woodland animals have begun to gather tender spring greens and flowers. Being in a spicy mood, Lotta field mouse shared her freshly picked forest leeks. Her daughters Sara, Sonja, and Sofia love flowers and picked paws full of woodland violets. Please click on "Lucia's Sliplets" below to see how we use their forest offerings at Punzel's Cottage.

If you have a sliplet you would like to share with Lucia, please e-mail Your recipe may be posted in the future. Thank you for visiting. Please come again soon.

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